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Water sports - Liptovska Mara

Very attractive and challenging sport is canoeing on wild water, which is executed in two main categories: water slalom and downhill. Liptovsky Mikulas has become world known also thanks to water slalom representatives. The most famous ones are Michal Martikan and Elena Kaliska. Since 2004, the town can be proud of honorary degree - City of Olympic winners. Our representatives are training on the artificial water slalom channel, which is already an unthinkable part of the town. The channel is also used for rafting.  Connected to the river Vah you can enjoy your rafting adventure on the length of 12 km finishing on the wild water of the channel where you can overcome the barriers like real professionals.  Accompanied by instructor you can experience the level of professionals and enjoy adrenaline adventure with great waves, rapids, foaming water rolls and jumps.

Dam on the river Vah, Liptovska Mara, is the most considerable summer resort. The dam flooded 13 villages, Vrbie, Demcin, Sokolce, Liptovska Mara Sestrc, Nizne and Vysne Dechtare, Lipt. Sielnica, Parizovce, Paludza, Raztoky, Cernice. The most valuable houses were transferred to the Museum of Slovak Village in Pribilina. Large number of visitors comes here for recreation. There are possibilities for swimming, sailing, surfing, boating, fishing, water cycling, minigolf, sightseeing boat and much more offers camp Liptovsky Trnovec. On the north bank of the dam, there are also other resorts as Bobrovnik, Liptovska Sielnica. At the highway is also situated chalet Dechtare where you can enjoy Liptov food specialties.