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Paintball, Rafting, Paragliding, Tarzania ...

Horseback riding is very popular. It is suitable for families, beginners, but also for experienced riders. Horse rides can be for two hours but also a full day. You can learn a lot not only about horses and riding but also about yourself. As your knowledge grows, you begin to understand that in addition to all the different words such as reconciliation, lightness, balance, suppleness or glimpse, there is still something more than what can be perceived visually.


A game full of tension and adventure is paintball. It is a modern, dynamic and strategic play of groups but also individuals fighting against each other. You shoot from guns with ammunition which contains color.

You can have fun also at undemanding and currently very attractive game of airsoft. Airsoft is an action sport similar to paintball. The difference is in weapons, which are exact replicas of real weapons. Shooting is with plastic balls. Here you can test your front blade.

Balloon flight is also very exciting. Optimum conditions for balloon flying are at light wind, good visibility and dry air. Strong wind, rain or heavy snowfall disable the flight to take place. Indescribable feeling a whole Liptov on hand, you can view by bird’s eyes...

You have a great opportunity to experience Liptov also a little different way - from the seat of four-wheelers. The routes of Liptov can lead you through the woods and meadows and let you to enjoy the beautiful view. The rider reaches the high speed at the correct mastery of technique. Women can manage it as well; the riding on four-wheeler is easier than off-road motorcycle operation. You will have an adrenaline adventure and enjoy your unique experience.

Paragliding - frank, incisive, pure and simple. There are many words describing it by those who have tried it. Clouds, sun, wind and height. These all are things that convince people to try it. Paragliding is a sport that is very fascinating and to some extent changes the life of a human. You will experience beauty and adventure. Paragliding has become a sport that has its own laws and they make it safely achievable for almost everyone.

In Aquapark Tatralandia, approximately 3 km from Liptovsky Mikulas, you can find Tarzania. It consists of three tracks, all is based on 10 m columns and if you find Tarzania in Jasna too low, here you will find what you look for. Intensity of each track grows not only with its length. Directly over the slides in Raftaria is 60m long cable car. Tarzania perfectly verifies your sense of balance. More than your strength the technique of overcoming obstacles is important. Route choice is on the climber. To overcome obstacles every individual is secured using mountaineering equipment and supervised by professional instructors. So, go for adventure...