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Privat Mrzkan


Bike rental

Possibility of renting bicycles "MERIDA" with complete equipment from 9.00h to 18.00h


Apartment house

What it looks like here.


Rezervujte si izbu

Something extra

Privát Mrzkáň


In the object "Private Mrzkáň" you can use wifi networks "Mrzkáň" and "Mrzkáň outdoor", which will provide you with free internet connection during your stay with us.

Gazebo "Altánok u Idušky"

Our guests like to use the gazebo for a pleasant sitting where they feel like how in a cottage in nature. There is a fireplace where you can grill or cook a delicious stew, cabbage, or bean ...

  It is also possible to use mobile grills within the garden or terrace.


Free parking is provided within the "Privát Mrzkáň" facility, which is monitored by a camera system to ensure greater safety of your cars.

Bike rental

In our family pension Mrzkáň you have the opportunity to rent bicycles brand Merida.