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Tourism – West Tatras, Low Tatras

Except for water sports and skiing, this region offers you plenty of tourist paths. You can find them everywhere around - in Low Tatras, West Tatras or in Chočské Vrchy. Veľký Choč belongs to the most beautiful hills of Slovakia. This reagion is a national natural reserve. The cliff walls are surrounded by alpine meadows. It is starting to rise if you go from Valaská Dubová and is covered by a scrub pine. Veľký Choč has a shape of hackly pyramid.

The footpath that goes around Roháčske plesá towards the waterfall of Roháč is a favourite one. Kráľova Hoľa is the highest hill of the east side of Low Tatras. It is mentioned in many traditional Slovak songs as well as Kriváň. High Tatras have the ideal conditions for tourist, skiing, mountain biking, alpinism or relaxation. They were declared as National Slovak Park (TANAP) in 1949.

It is a hard climb on beautiful Kriváň (2494m), but as a reward you´ll get an extraordinary view. The quickest and the easiest way is from Tri Studničky (Three Little Wells). There are some easy paths around Podbanské from Tatranská magistrála or Kvačianska dolina. More challenging tourism you can find on the east crest of West Tatras, to Baranec from Žiarska dolina, to Ďumbier from Liptovský Ján or to Chopok from Jasná.

There is a ski resort Jasná-Chopok sever in Liptov region, heading south from Liptovský Mikuláš. The main crest is 82 km long and extends from the east towards the west of Low Tatras.