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The real treasures of Slovakia are caves. The protection of all caves in the Slovak Republic provides Slovak Caves Administration Center. Both, general public and professionals are addressed by caves because of their attractions. Demanovska Jaskyna Slobody in Low Tatras has become a National Natural Monument. Its length is 8126 m and depth of 120 m (altitude difference - vertical spread).

After total renovation, Grand Tour has been already in operation. Demanovske caves are the longest cave system in Slovakia. Demanovska Jaskyna Slobody is also the most visited cave in Slovakia. In Demanovska valley in Low Tatras is remarkable Ice Cave, which has the incidence of permanent ice fill, a rare cave fauna, and bizarre shapes in the huge underground spaces with a rich history. It is located on the north side of Low Tatras on the right side of Demanovska valley, several kilometers below the well-known ski resort Jasna.

Wood path with plates of nature trail and two rest stations leads around Kamenna chata. From Liptovsky Mikulas it is direction Jasna and distance is about 10 km. Dobsinska ladova jaskyna (Dobsinska ice cave) also belongs to the national nature monuments and caves of the world heritage. The ice in the cave remains for thousands of years at an altitude of only 920 to 950 m. Length reaches 1483 m and depth of 112 m (altitude difference - vertical spread). It is static - dynamic cave with different winter and summer regimes of air flow. Cold air flows in winter from surface to underground, in summer vice versa. There are more kinds of ice fillings in various forms and ice thickness exceeds 25 m at some places.