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Room detail

Room Kulich

(2) is located on the first floor of the apartment house

Northeast room named after the violin player of the music band “Mrzkani“, is placed on the upper floor of our apartment house. It is furnished by one double bed with possibility of extra bed. There is also fully equipped kitchen including microwave oven and water can, excluding the sink and with refrigerator which is situated in the entry hall of the room. TV/SAT is included. The room has its own toilet with wash basin, but the bathroom with shower and the wash basin has its own entry and is to be shared with the neighbor room STAROSTA.

If you are interested in this suite, you can find out whether it is available within the dates you want in our calendar. If you have decided, let us know through our booking form or by telephone (+421 907 434 403) and we will send you an information about availability or the answers to your questions connected with your booking immediately.

18 m2

2 postelí

Price on request / night